The Nevada Business Coalition: Free Market Lobbyists

The Nevada Business Coalition lobbies on behalf of the business community and fights legislation it sees as anti-business in nature. Guy Bennallack, who owns a number of businesses in the Las Vegas area, is a member. The organization uses an inside approach to lobbying in combination with other, more public approaches. These include a variety of initiatives in coalition building, outreach, digital media, and more.

The coalition offers business owners a voice in a difficult political climate, where industry associations and chambers of commerce often must compromise. The independent nature of this organization enables it to continue to fight when in-house lobbyists are sometimes sidelined. Additionally, members of this grass-roots coalition do not risk political retribution for their involvement, because the coalition is not compelled to disclose their names. The Nevada Business Coalition works year-round to represent the Nevada business community. This work ensures that business leaders such as Guy Bennallack can continue to serve the community.