Guy Bennallack’s Support of the Shade Tree Shelter

An executive in the construction industry, Guy Bennallack presently serves as CEO of HBR Management, Inc., in Las Vegas. Outside of the office, Mr. Bennallack charitably supports such local initiatives as the Shade Tree Shelter.

Currently located on West Owens Avenue in downtown Las Vegas, the Shade Tree Shelter has roots stretching back 23 years to the basement of Saint Luke’s Episcopal Church. This initial offer of a safe place to sleep has since grown into a comprehensive service organization that provides local citizens with more than 100,000 nights of free shelter each year. Shade Tree’s present facilities include over 38,000 square feet of sleeping space, libraries, training rooms, and children’s play rooms.

Specifically designed to meet the needs of women and children, Shade Tree offers a range of services designed to help individuals escape violent situations and attain new levels of self-reliance. A registered 501(c)3 nonprofit, the organization looks to grassroots private donations to meet its ongoing operational costs.


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