A Brief Overview of Double-Glazed Windows


Guy Bennallack has served as chief executive officer of The Window Company in Las Vegas, Nevada, since 2007. In this position Guy Bennallack manages all business activities, including window installations and window glazing projects.

The term window glazing refers to the actual panes of glass that comprise the majority of a window’s design. Glass is fitted in a window frame using glazing putty, while replacing a window’s glass is known as reglazing. Reglazing may be necessary for several reasons, though the most common include damage to the glass or a desire for more energy-efficient window fixtures.

One step a homeowner can take toward energy-efficient window installation is known as double glazing. Often referred to as an insulated glass unit (IGU), double-glazed windows utilize two or more glass panes in a single frame. Two panes are common, separated by a layer of air and a spacer, but triple-glazed windows have grown in popularity as energy costs continue to rise. The benefits of double- and triple-glazed window panes include savings on energy bills, a smaller carbon footprint, and a more comfortable living space that retains heat and air conditioning at an improved rate.