Q&A with Guy Bennallack: Managing Multiple Businesses

Ensuring the success of one business is challenging enough, so what happens when you are in charge of more than one business with multiple headquarters? Since graduating from college, business owner Guy Bennallack has owned 52 companies and specialized in construction.

Q: What are some of the issues you face managing multiple businesses?
A: As an owner, you want to be involved in the daily operations of your company, but that is not always possible. With employees at multiple locations, there is too much to track. Add to that the amount of paperwork and bookkeeping per business and you can understand how one person could not possibly handle it alone.

Q: How do you resolve these issues?
A: The answer to these problems lies in whom you hire to assist you in the management of your disparate interests. A highly-specialized, trained, and motivated management team can alleviate the stresses of running multiple businesses and contribute to diversity in problem solving and other issues.

Q: What is the key to effective management of the managers?
A: A strong leader, in business or otherwise, knows how to delegate responsibilities. While you may want to be involved with everything, that can be a lot of balls to juggle, making it easy for any or all of them to fall to the ground. So it is important to know your people and what they can do, so you can give them the correct direction.

Guy Bennallack is the CEO of HBR Management, Inc., in Las Vegas. He owns and operates multiple businesses related to the construction industry.


The Nevada Business Coalition: Free Market Lobbyists

The Nevada Business Coalition lobbies on behalf of the business community and fights legislation it sees as anti-business in nature. Guy Bennallack, who owns a number of businesses in the Las Vegas area, is a member. The organization uses an inside approach to lobbying in combination with other, more public approaches. These include a variety of initiatives in coalition building, outreach, digital media, and more.

The coalition offers business owners a voice in a difficult political climate, where industry associations and chambers of commerce often must compromise. The independent nature of this organization enables it to continue to fight when in-house lobbyists are sometimes sidelined. Additionally, members of this grass-roots coalition do not risk political retribution for their involvement, because the coalition is not compelled to disclose their names. The Nevada Business Coalition works year-round to represent the Nevada business community. This work ensures that business leaders such as Guy Bennallack can continue to serve the community.

Guy Bennallack on East Career and Technical Academy

As part of Las Vegas’ Clark County School District, East Career and Technical Academy is a public high school that provides educational opportunities for students interested in pursuing a variety of career and technical programs. The school offers a range of classes in eight programs, including early childhood education, automotive technology, electronic engineering technology, construction management, culinary arts, marketing and hospitality, information technology, and medical professions.

Many classes are eligible for credit at Nevada universities and colleges. Several of the school’s programs lead directly to certification, while some, including honors and advanced-placement classes, provide opportunities for post-secondary learning. Hands-on projects, internships, and job shadowing programs provide students with first-hand experience.

About the Author: Guy Bennallack is an entrepreneur and licensed general contractor who operates two roofing companies, a window and glazing company, a painting company, and several real estate holding entities. Guy Bennallack maintains membership in a number of professional organizations, including the National Roofing Contractors Association, the Western States Roofing Contractors Association, the Nevada Subcontractors Association, and the Nevada Business Coalition. Mr. Bennallack contributes to several community institutions, including East Career and Technical Academy.

How to Keep Cool in the Desert

by Guy Bennallack

The heat and humidity that are unique to the desert environment are at least two special concerns of desert home buyers and builders.

July is often the hottest month of the year in Las Vegas, where temperatures of 106 degrees Fahrenheit and average humidity between 24 and 28 percent are common. In contrast, the national average temperature and humidity at the same time of year are, respectively, 77 degrees Fahrenheit and 70 percent, meaning that Las Vegas certainly experiences some unique weather conditions.

Because of the low humidity, the environment itself does not hold that much heat, but the radiant energy from the sun heats homes and bodies. Homes in the desert have to be able to withstand sustained periods of extreme heat while allowing for a healthy dose of ventilation to keep interiors cool.

Because the humidity is so low in the desert, homes can utilize evaporative cooling systems. Evaporative coolers use a blower to force warm, dry air into a home through water-soaked pads, delivering cool air as the water evaporates. The effective use of water also comes into play when considering the exterior design of a home; by building water structures, an effect similar to evaporative cooling can be achieved as the water cools breezes coming into the area.

Guy Bennallack is the CEO of HBR, LLC, in Las Vegas, a residential and commercial developer. Since 1982, the company has constructed more than 2,000 homes and nearly 500,000 square feet of industrial and residential space.